The Beagle is essentially a British breed and, although its history is somewhat vague, was bred down in size from Foxhounds to create a dog which could hunt with men on foot. Mentioned in Chaucer’s fourteenth century Canterbury Tales, the breed was also popular with monarchs. This sturdy, compact dog gives an impression of quality, a merry hound which follows scent to hunt, primarily hare. The Beagle is active and bold, with both stamina and determination. With fairly large, dark brown or hazel eyes the breed in intelligent with an amiable, even temperament. Height is usually 13-16 inches and weight 18-30 pounds. A Beagle’s short coat, which can be any of the recognized hound colors, is dense and weatherproof.

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All About Beagles

All our currently available Beagle puppies are shown below:


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